Friday, March 11, 2011

Yellow Circle Wedding Invitation

So, I love weddings. Always have! If my career as a teacher doesn't pan out I will eventually become a wedding planner! I love making things, and planning things, and being creative! My favorite part of all of this is making invitations. If I am stuck with something or having "stampers block" I always go right back to wedding invitations. Coming up with color combinations and themes just makes everything else easier when I stamp. With this particular one I took my On The Spot background stamp and inked it up with a golden yellow stamp pad. I printed out a bunch of different layouts of invitation wording so that I can grab the one that fit the best at will. I chose the double spaced, middle alignment, invitation wording for this invite and stamped the On The Spot stamp over the words. I attached that to the black paper so that there was an 1/8 of an inch border around the white. After that I attached a 1 inch strip of golden yellow patterned paper, and TA-DA! Beautiful wedding invitation!

1 comment:

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