Monday, May 23, 2011

Update on Progress

I have been working tirelessly on these wedding invitations for my cousin. They are coming along nicely! I will post pictures of them all in my next post. I had a few hiccups in the process, like finding out after I made my samples that the paper I used was all retired. Then I had to go through eBay, Amazon, Archivers, Hobby Lobby, and Michaels to match what I needed! Whew that was a close one! But luckily I got everything and they are looking like perfection! I am so excited to be able to use my new service for her invitations as well, CUSTOM PRINTING! (*Had a few hiccups with that too!*) Like all new things, they have their bugs that need to be worked out. I can't wait to get some new custom printing orders in so that I can create a beautiful new array of samples for my loyal customers! <3

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